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Adventures of The Pickleheads

Chapter 1

One morning a long time ago when the kids were little, Mom woke up to the sound of laughing and giggling coming from the kitchen.
"Hey, what are you kids doing in there?"
"Nothing, Mommy," said Chelsea.
"Yeah, nothing Mommy," said Sammy.
"Well, a little more beauty rest, then..." thought Mom as she trailed back off to sleep.

Later, the day seemed pretty normal. Mom got up and did the chores. For lunch, she decided to make her favorite -- tuna sandwich. After carefully mixing the tuna and making the sandwich, she opened the fridge and got out the new big jar of kosher pickles she got at Price Club.
"Do you kids want some tuna for lunch?" she asked.
"Nah, we're not hungry Mommy," they said together.
"OK, but no snacks later," she admonished.

"Mmmmmmmm, great," she hummed as she plopped down a big pickle on the plate, then added some potato chips and poured a big glass of fresh lemonade.
"Hmmm," she thought as she put away the pickle jar, "the jar wasn't full and I just bought those pickles yesterday..."

The next day, she awoke to the same sound of laughing and giggling coming from the kitchen. Again she yelled at the kids, again they said everything was ok, and again she trailed off to sleep. Later, she had her favorite lunch again, and putting away the pickle jar, she noticed a few more pickles were gone.

Well, this routine went on for several days. And by the end of a week, she noticed that a few pickles were looking lonely swimming in that great big jar.

 Finally, one day, she woke up early, fully rested. Groggily wiping the sleep from her eyes and stumbling into the kitchen, she couldn't believe what she saw. The kitchen counter looked like a buffet -- peanut butter, jelly, Oreo’s, green olives, and her prize jar of pickles.

"Hey, what's going on in here?" she screamed.
"Well, uh... Dad left all that stuff out when he left for work and we were just putting it away," said Chelsea, with her breath full of vinegar and a little piece of pimento in between her teeth. 
"Yea, that's right," said Sammy, "Dad left all that out and... and...and  we were just putting it away..." with the same vinegar breath and the pimento stuck in his teeth.

"Wait a minute," said Mom, you mean this is why you've been skipping lunch all week, and this is why you've been getting sick. You kids have been eating pickles and olives for breakfast every day!!!!!!!"

Well, caught red handed, the tears began to well up in their little eyes as they began to cry.
"Yea, Mommy, we did it, we're Ss-ss-ss-oo-oo-rr-rr-yy-yyy..." they sobbed together.

Well, that did it. A Mom can only take so much of her childrens' tears.
Relenting, she said, "Come on, it's ok, I suppose the Price Club won't run out of pickles..."

And, you know, so far, she's right, they haven't run out of pickles.
And neither have the kids.

And from then on, the kids were sometimes affectionately known as...The Pickleheads!

The End