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Well, after a year of threatening to put Curly's chili recipe on the web, I accidentally pushed the "publish" button in Netscape late one night, and voila, instant webmaster!

I wanted to add some helpful links, artistic credits, and other stuff that might help any fellow mouse wranglers. I think I've gleaned a few good thaings from the web after a year or more of surfing.

Hopefully, I can add to the list, but I wanted to get a few good things up since I already linked to it!


Netscape:  I learned the web on Netscape and could never get IE to work very well.

Yahoo: I set up my yahoo as my home page. You can configure it the way you want with  modules. Weather, headlines, search features, etc. I  think it loads a little faster than some others, too 'cause yahoo doesn't overload pages with graphics. I guess they've learned a few things about the web.



cnn's digital jam

computer tech:

Web Design:
web review (somewhat advanced)

World Wide Web:
they define web standards

art on the web :
ada web

chank (warning: mature language!)
funky fonts for free!

dynamic web fonts:
trufont (better in Netscape)

music site:
house of blues

personal web page:
Lance Arthur-- provocative, insightful, yes, and enigmatic
he also has some good html design tips in "design-o-rama," as well as lots of other good links
(mature language)

buycomp "the lowest prices on earth"

andy's art attack


Berkeley Sunsite

I'd also like to thank my web provider, JPSnet for providing lots of web space at a reasonable price. They have great coverage, in California especially. I can recommend them-- tell them Curly sent you!


After a year of studying and taking classes in html, web design, and multimedia, I've got a lot of people to thank. Rob Fender at Mesa College is a great autoCAD instructor. My thanks to Dee Heizer, and Grace Gray-Adams at the New Media Career Center for showing me the ropes in Illustrator and Photoshop, and Kevin Cornwall and Krista DeBusschere for the html. Thanks also to Donna Sandsmark and Lisa Ganem at Foundation College for the interactive portfolio, as well as the rest of my fellow cohorts there. 

The background picture in "The Chrome Mountain" is from a painting by Milton Avery. Most of the other stuff in the gallery is pretty much original photoshop stuff, but a lot comes from scanned photos which obviously retain their original copyrights.

I borrowed the photo of Muddy's cabin in the blues intro from the blue highway. Even though I've got a shot on "The Plantation Recordings," I was in a hurry to finish, and that shot says it all.

I used a couple of Chank's fonts from the freefonts & free rockstar fonts -- "Girl 77" for the blues theater masthead and "darling Nikki" for the sterling silver signature. Thanks, Chank.... 

That's it for now.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know.